Last month we had the privilege to see six adults baptized. God was clearly at work in the circumstances surrounding the salvation of those over the past few months. Once again, God brought visitors through the doors of His church. On the Baptism Sunday, a man visited as a result of knocking on his door several weeks prior and holding a brief conversation with him. Then, this past Sunday, four adults visited as a result of a church member’s witness at work. We are praying for their return this Sunday as promised.

It has been an encouragement to see a group of families forming for canvassing on weekends. Although Pastor and I are able to door knock frequently during the week, this Saturday ministry is a renewed endeavor by the church, spearheaded by one of the men. This past week, there were twelve adults, teens and kids! Please pray for more laborers in this ministry.

Another ministry opportunity is with the youth choir. Practices began last month with a two-fold goal of providing special music for our church and developing a spirit of involvement within the young people. Once again, we recognize that these kids have potential to be the leaders in churches throughout New Zealand in a few short years!
In the second week of June, a church advertisement will be mailed throughout our city and the surrounding areas. The print and distribution cost is as inexpensive as the regular cost to print our church tracts. There is no reason for that other than our great God giving us this opportunity! This outreach will be especially helpful in reaching the 4,000 rural homes that surround our city. Of the 18,000 homes within the city, many will be receiving this ahead of our personal visit, hopefully providing an introduction to our church.

At the close of our previous letter we requested prayer for several individuals. We would ask that you keep several of those in prayer, specifically Andre and Logan. Others from this past month: Jesse, Fredick, Gerard, Fernando and family.

We appreciate your faithful support and communication.

Thank you for praying,
Josh, Alyse and Bentlee Szwarga

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