As our travels wound down in May, we had several events on the schedule that we would like to share with you. 

On May 15, I had the privilege to be ordained under the leadership of Pastor Phil Cavanaugh and under the authority of Northwest Bible Baptist Church. An extra blessing was the involvement of my father, as well as my brother, Joel, in my ordination. I also counted it a privilege to preach afterwards to the church family that has invested so greatly into our lives and ministry. Considering the quality of our supporting churches, it speaks volumes to confidently say that our home church is our greatest partnership. We heard recently, “The missionary is only as strong as his sending church.” These months of deputation and the many years of missions service ahead could not be accomplished without our home and sending church family. 

That same day in May we attended a ground-breaking service at Bible Baptist Church in Terre Haute, IN, pastored by my brother, Kevin Szwarga. It is a blessing to see God working in not only a supporting church, but also through family. 

Also in May, we visited the printing ministry that the Lord brought across our path for the John and Romans project. Pray that paper would be accessible for their ministry, not just for our project, but for the many projects they desire to assist with across the world.

Our visa applications will be submitted in July when the proper immigration office is slated to open. Please pray for swift processing of our visa! Also pray for the last-minute details that will need to be ironed out. Once our visa is approved, there will be an extremely short turnaround time for our departure with tasks to accomplish such as ticket purchases, selling of belongings, etc.

Throughout May I have had the opportunity to spend extra time dedicated to soulwinning. We praise the Lord for being able to lead several people to Christ and having many open doors to witness over the past several weeks. As this schedule continues through June and early July, we ask for your prayers to be over this ministry.

God Bless,
Josh, Alyse, and Bentlee Szwarga

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