It is hard to believe we are about to complete our first six months on the field! Having Alyse’s parents visit for seven days this month was a blessing to our family as well as our church family. It also provided a small break in the schedule to enjoy some of the nearby tourist attractions we had yet to see. While giving this short family update, it seems like an opportune time to announce that we are expecting a baby, due on October 26! We could all but guarantee there would be a return trip from family after letting them know when they arrived. We praise the Lord for this blessing to our family!

Throughout this month we maintained our regular schedule of youth group meetings on Friday nights as well as the soulwinning, discipleship, and Bible study times. This past Friday there were four first-time teens in attendance. We are praying for and planning to bring many of those who attend on Fridays to the annual teen camp. Please be in prayer for our teens attending the camp, April 10-14, and for Pastor Fraser, myself, and several other preachers who will be preaching that week.

We are planning to hold a baptism service at the end of this month for eight adults. This is an exciting step for the church to see this group of individuals growing and being added to the church. As always, please pray that God would add more to His church. We always welcome the extra effort required to work with new Christians!

It has been a blessing to hear from several churches who have recently partnered with us financially. We appreciate each supporter and attempt to be wise stewards of those funds with how they are appropriated for current needs and future ministry projects. We have a great responsibility to ensure God’s money is used to further God’s work.

Looking ahead to the next month, we do seek your prayers for our outreach. Some days the ground seems harder. Other days it appears soft in the response but without fruit to show for it. We desire our labor to be effective, and that battle is won in prayer. It is the desire of every Christian worker to bring forth fruit, so it can be cliché to ask for prayer over this matter. However, our dependence on prayer to fight this battle is recognized, and so we bring it before you.
Thank you for praying,
Josh, Alyse and Bentlee Szwarga

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