We experienced a number of deputation highlights over the past 30 days! Within a seven day span we finished a conference in Alabama, had three meetings across Indiana and Iowa, and made it to Puerto Rico for a missions conference. It was evident to see God’s hand in the conference as our missionary friends set an attendance record post-pandemic and the church had a great response to the missions burden relayed.

Later in the month we were privileged to be invited to a missions conference with a “round robin” format. Five churches each invited one missionary family and we spent 6 days visiting and preaching at the different churches. This allowed us to maximize our contacts in an area of the country we are not well-traveled in. 

This meeting reminded us of two invaluable qualities of the family of God. We were reminded of the blessing of hospitality. Our host pastor and church family overwhelmed us with kindness. The gift of hospitality has not died or been neglected. Countless times through our travels God’s people have inconvenienced themselves that they may be a blessing to us. This meeting was an extreme example of that gift. We were also reminded of the closeness of God’s family. At each of the five churches there were people we met with mutual friends, something that is not a rarity as we travel. This makes the church feel much more “at home” versus an unknown place.

There are only ten meetings remaining on our schedule before we are officially completed with our deputation travels. Thank you for your continued support and most necessary prayers. God’s protection on the roads, in the air, and with our health was most evident again this month.

God Bless,
Josh, Alyse, and Bentlee Szwarga

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