While preparing for the final youth group of the month, we were made aware of several young people that would be coming along for the first time. There were 25 teens present that night, the highest attendance yet, with four of those being first-time guests. All of the visitors that are attending are classmates and friends of the teens, to God be the glory for working through them!

This past Sunday was also the highest attendance since last year, with several more visitors. It was a blessing to see two returning families as well who have started attending in June.

God orchestrated an appointment with a family this past week while out door knocking. The details are difficult to relay through letter, but their excitement to visit our church was refreshing to see! God has a way of balancing out the rough patches of witness, as we experienced a cold reception up until that final visit. We do ask that you pray for them to follow through on their promise and that their son and daughter would trust Christ.

It is always a joy to work with a pastor who has a vision and purpose for the church! The continually growing prayer list for lost souls, Christians needing revival, and friends and family who need a church has culminated in the planning of an upcoming event. Pastor has scheduled our church’s first Friend Day for August 20. We need your prayers over this event and that God would have his hand on the list of people that will be invited.

Several months ago we requested prayer for Heidi and Curly’s salvation, and also Curly’s healing from cancer. God has healed him, but they have not yet trusted Christ. Because of his restrengthened immune system, these next few weeks will be another great opportunity to bring them to church and have them hear the gospel message again.

Please continue to pray for Alyse’s pregnancy. She is doing well and the baby is healthy and growing. Thank you for your diligence where God has placed you in His service!

Thank you for praying,
Josh, Alyse and Bentlee Szwarga

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