Last Wednesday night God answered one of our prayers by allowing us to see a young lady, Iah, accept Christ after the service. She had been attending our church quite regularly since mid-December. Our church was her first exposure to the gospel and we praise the Lord that she has been saved!

In January, in addition to the regular out-of-town Bible study and Friday night youth group messages I usually preach, I received several opportunities to preach in our church services.  We also appreciate your prayers for Phil and Gail, mentioned in a previous letter. They have been growing steadily through discipleship.

Regarding the nationwide John and Romans distribution project, we have secured a second printing ministry for the project. They are able to start production as soon as we finalize some details with the New Zealand distribution office. Please pray for there to be swift approval, production, and shipping.

Our soulwinning efforts have gained some traction since our last letter. We appreciate your prayers over the scheduled time mentioned in our previous letter. It was a blessing to hear reports of prayer specifically for our soulwinning. Please stop and pray for Heidi and Rissi who were tender to the gospel this past week. There are others such as Sandy, John, Tomas, and Marty, all needing to be saved. The prayer list for salvation of friends and family at our church seems to be growing at a rapid pace. I read some time ago that one of our prayers for revival should be for Christians to have a passion to see people saved. There is a unique amount of emphasis in our church at the moment regarding the souls of the lost and I ask that you pray for that fervor to grow.

Looking ahead to this month, we ask that you would pray for the Friday youth activities. We typically will have one or two new teens each activity. Please pray for fruit that
remains from those who attend. Also pray for a teen girl in our church, Alicia, as she will be having major back surgery on March 1. Lastly, we are seeking wisdom in starting a preaching class for young men, as our church has a solid group of young men with great potential to be used of God.

There is much to be in prayer for over here in New Zealand. Please know that we keep you, our supporters, in prayer by name weekly and seek to stay up-to-date on how best to pray for you as well.

Thank you for praying,
Josh, Alyse and Bentlee Szwarga

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