We are humbled and grateful for those who have sent love offerings and gifts for Christmas this year. It is a privilege for us to serve as your missionaries and extra amounts given are never expected! There are some letters going out by old-fashioned mail but may not arrive for several weeks.

Early in December we held a baptism service for five adults and teens, who were then added to the church in membership that week. Another family joined as well through transfer of membership after moving into the country earlier this year. Through the final three Sundays of December there were twenty-eight guests in our services. Most of the guests were family and friends of those baptized or family of church members, many of whom are unsaved or have been out of church for many years. We are praying for the Word of God to take effect in their hearts and to see them return!

Just prior to the Christmas holidays, we held a Christmas caroling service at the nursing home. This was well-attended by the membership and the residents, with one lady stating that it was the highlight of the year there. One of our members, Claudia, of senior saint status herself, diligently confronted every resident whether they’ve been born again or not. This is the same lady who had six visitors on the Friend Day! She has never seemed to lack in boldness!

In between Christmas and the New Year, our church attended the annual North Island Family Camp. The camp typically has 150-200 in attendance. This has traditionally been hosted by a church an hour away from us; however, starting this year, our pastor has been given the camp director role. Although we plan to have moved to our church plant by the next Family Camp, this is a great opportunity before then to assist and organize for the camp. As always, these camps contain the future leaders of the churches in New Zealand, so any opportunity to invest is highly valuable!

Upon last minute news that Bro. Micah McCurry (Director, Bible Tracts Inc.) will be passing through the country in late January, we have scheduled a church revival for January 28. Please be in prayer for the services that day! The emphasis will be on stirring the church to greater commitment for God.

The final update to give is that the Bible Institute will begin February 6. This is an exciting step in the propagation of the local church here in our region!

Our appreciation for your love, prayer, and support goes much deeper than expressed here. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Josh, Alyse, Bentlee, Raelynn Szwarga

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