During this past month we attended our first North Island Teen Camp. This brought sweet memories of assisting at our sending church’s campground for several years. We had relatively simple responsibilities as we settled into the camp experience here, lending a hand during the games and chapel services. Preaching once to the teens was an unanticipated and humbling opportunity. The scope of young people that God is preparing for Christian service was exciting to witness! It’s not far-fetched to believe some of those we fellowshipped with will someday lead and serve alongside of us in future churches.

Later in the month, we took a short trip to a sister church and I preached in their Sunday services. It was slightly reminiscent of our deputation travels as we spent a good portion of the day fellowshipping and ministering, then had to rush back to our church for the evening service and teen discipleship. Including the instances already mentioned, we praise the Lord for eight opportunities to preach in various services throughout April! Pastor Fraser has been greatly unselfish to allow this level of involvement in the church as we arrived with no expectation for him to give up his pulpit. Multiple times a week we consider with gratitude the Providence of God in placing us where He has.

There has been a steady flow of guests attending the services and a number of soul winning testimonies that could use your prayers. We recently met Rosalee, an elderly Anglican woman. After she heard a thorough presentation of the gospel, conviction appeared strong in her heart and she had no argument against it. However, she did not accept Christ. We will return of course, but please pray. Some who have attended recent services: Gina, Steven, Ben, Andre, Logan. Pray that God would continue to work in each life.

Alyse has had a healthy pregnancy so far; thank for you praying! Also, my grandfather passed away in April at the age of 93. His Christian legacy is second to none and will continue to inspire the three generations he leaves behind. Prayers are appreciated for our family in the States.
Thank you for praying,
Josh, Alyse and Bentlee Szwarga

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