We were privileged to present our ministry in seven churches in April and had several unique ministry opportunities. While visiting a church with a university campus nearby, we attended an international student “meet and greet.” You have to be quite creative to share the gospel in their controlled setting, but the church has seen quite a few students attend services over the years and have fruit from this opportunity. A second ministry on the campus is tract distribution prior to sporting events. In two hours over 3,500 gospel tracts were given out! Also, on the first weekend of the month we were able to go soulwinning with my brother who is a pastor in Indiana. We are thankful that deputation has allowed us to serve with family on more occasions than would ever be possible otherwise.

One of our meetings this month was at a church that hosted a teen camp that Alyse attended as a teenager. This was a neat experience to be back at a place that was deeply influential in her life, and meet those who were instrumental behind the scenes at the camp.

God has provided the necessary start-up funds for our move to New Zealand through the generous giving of churches as we travel. We are grateful to have that burden off our shoulders because of God’s people. We are now anxiously awaiting an announcement for the visa application process as we finish our final month of meetings. As of May 1, New Zealand has re-opened to tourists as scheduled, which is welcome news.

A prayer request from our pastor in New Zealand, Pastor Fraser, is for a permanent home for their church. Due to the extreme cost of purchasing property, it is difficult to obtain a commercial property. Fortunately, God has done this a number of times for churches throughout the country over the years! Pastor Fraser and his church are praying over a property that God has put on their heart. Please pray for this potential opportunity!

We appreciate several supporters who sent special love offerings last month and many who listed us as their “missionary of the week” as well. Thank you for the extra focus in prayer for us.

God Bless,
Josh, Alyse, and Bentlee Szwarga

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